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Welcome to First Jersey & Main Street
Appraisal Group, LLC

A Multi-State Residential Real Estate Company
delivering the highest quality of valuation products.

Since the “Home Valuation Code of Conduct” (HVCC) in 2009 lenders have been convinced by Appraisal Management Companies that they were the only resource to order appraisal products, they weren’t. Lenders are now realizing that most management companies are using the appraiser’s that accept the lowest fee being offered and that is translating into a lesser quality product.

If you are a lender without a compliant ordering department looking to have a say in who is doing your appraisals, please contact us immediately, we have your solution!

Our service provides Licensed and/or Certified Appraisers that are fully insured for Errors and Omissions, possessing the experience required. Our firm stresses QUALITY over speed. Turn times are always kept to a minimum while insuring that we are delivering reports that meet USPAP, Fannie Mae,and/or FHA guidelines.

Incoming orders are reviewed and processed within minutes of arrival. The reports are then assigned to an Appraiser that is the local expert for the county in which the subject property lies inside. Our company policy is that the local expert must live inside of or directly adjacent to the county of the subject property.

All outgoing reports receive a review by a Designated Appraiser with over 20 years of experience (not a temp
that stated last week!)

Orders received via this website allow you the ability to track the appraisal from acceptance to delivery. If
you are more comfortable faxing an order, you can print out a bar-coded Fax Order Form, fill it out and fax it to our toll free number. Ordering, tracking, and delivery of your appraisal reports has never been easier thanks to the technology employed by this website. As a member of the Mercury Network, you can easily order and track your appraisal, and stay compliant for any audits.

We are a leading provider of appraisals for National
Lenders, Mortgage Bankers, Attorneys, Homeowners, Estates, and local Credit Unions for over 25 years