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Naturally we supply all of the traditional form reports that are considered typical to the lending industry.

Our fees have a $500,000 appraised value threshold. Please call for a price quote if such a scenario presents itself. This policy does not create an unethical or contingent appraisal assignment. High end homes require more time to measure and have a greater level of detail to be accounted for by the appraiser. Being compensated for increased time is a fair business practice. 


URAR - 1004                $400.00 / FHA + $50.00

Condo - 1073               $400.00 / FHA + $50.00

Multi - 1075                  $550.00 - includes IOS

2055 Ext                      $300.00

1004D                         $150.00 - for completion and/or update without new comps

1004D with new comps $400.00 - new comps are needed if any of the original comps exceed one year

(The 1004D does not offer the lender a new value, only a reassurance that the market has not declined since the date of the original appraisal. If consideration of a new value is requested, that is a new assignment and will be billed at full fee)         

Commercial and narrative reports are on a per quote basis due to the varying property characteristics that may exist. Please call for a price quote.




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